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About Us

Welcome to Baker’s Den. We are the best restaurant that specializes in Indian Cuisine and cakes. Our menu consists of authentic dishes sourced from the ancient and rich kitchens of the Indian subcontinent. We can give you spicy dishes that can take your taste buds out for a spin and sweets that will leave you wanting for more. There are also cakes which are nothing short of a slice of heaven.

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Baker’s Den was founded by Nitya Kalyan. Nitya Kalyan bears a background in hotel management and has expertise in Indian Cusine. Nitya laid a great foundation for the restaurant. This is a place where people can come and enjoy authentic Indian food and Cake's with their families.  Nitya Kalyan welcomes you all to Baker's Den.


They homed in on Indian cuisine because of many reasons. First of all, Indian cuisine is amazingly varied with a range of influences and factors. The cuisine of the Indian subcontinent is incredibly misunderstood by many. It is not only about spices and chilies. It is not even uniform. Rather, there is a fascinating range of tastes spread over regions, cultures and climates. From Central Asia to the Portuguese, Indian cuisine has been shaped by many influences resulting in one of the most diverse cuisines in the world. At Baker’s Den, we hope to bring this stunning cuisine to our customers. Then there are cakes. Cakes are often seen as mere desserts but they most certainly do not have to be ordinary. Cakes are a global phenomenon and there is always a cake that you will love. We bake some of the most delicious cakes you will have ever tasted.


At Baker’s Den, we have a core set of values that we integrate into our services all the time. They are passion, love and creativity. We are passionate about food so you can be assured of the quality we provide. We love food which is why we take great care in the preparation of our dishes by using only ingredients of a high quality and fresh. We are students of the culinary art and we use our creativity to come up with new ways to serve you better.


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Wedding Party



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